Our Equipment

We are committed to using the most advanced tools in the industry to provide high-quality and value for our clients. Utilizing the latest in welding automation products including column and boom welding manipulators, pipeline rollers, specialty oscillating manipulators for pipeline welding and a diverse range of pipe and tank rollers. We operate 5 axis cutting machines for all welding applications and installations. The application of a patented, biaxial cutting head that guarantees ultra-accurate cutting is but one of the distinguishing technological features of the TM.

This cutting head allows for maximum speed while cutting thin-walled pipes (3,000 mm/min for plasma), and the exact tilt of the torch provides highly precise fitting for thick-walled pipes. The compact cutting head guarantees minimum waste thanks to its ability to cut closely to the three jaw chuck.

Parts can be developed quickly and adjusted to seam locations etc., to ensure they fit available stock. This equipment along with our Climax machining equipment allows us to offer precise fabrication with the utmost quality.




Rozen Steel Works Inc. does not directly offer or supply engineering services. All engineering services are provided through a qualified and legally authorized third-party company and individuals.