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Excellent project execution is realized through extensive communication and teamwork between the owner and the construction team providing the vision, plan, and tools to succeed. Our new recently constructed facility was designed specifically for our operations which utilize the latest in welding automation.

Quality at Rozen Steelworks means performing everything we do to the highest standards.  From selecting our trades team to choosing our materials; from safety on the job site, to ensuring our certifications and training are up to date. We have zero lost time incidences and continue to strive for excellence in everything we do.

We are known for our fast turnaround time (a must for industrial maintenance) and for communicating with the Owner, so the job is done right the first time. Open communication among our team and clients ensure everyone has what they need to get the job done on time and on budget.

Rozen Steelworks is focused primarily on exceeding our customer’s expectations.

We know that our team can produce a higher yield, in a quicker time frame, by having an efficient, streamlined process, clear lines of communication, the right facility, and equipment.

Rozen Steelworks is the preferred vendor for many Oil Sands Resource companies, and we are pleased to count some of the biggest oil and gas producers in the country as our clients. We look forward to continuing to excel with our current clients while also welcoming new ones. Contact us today to learn how we can exceed your expectations and deliver on our promise of quality, each and every time.

Our History

Rozen yard with overhead crane and red lift

From a modest beginning in 2010 with one employee in a single-bay shop, Rozen Steelworks has advanced as a forward-thinking company with over one hundred employees. We are located within Acheson industrial park with over 70,000 square feet on 20 Acres of lay down space. We are experts in mechanical and structural fabrication serving clients throughout Canada.

Rozen’s growth reflects the resourceful nature of its leadership and employees. Our dedicated research and development department launched the company into the world of automation. “We developed much of our own specialized equipment and automated it to suit our processes” says Jonathan Rozendaal, President, and founder of the company. The R&D division continues to bring significant improvements and opportunities—automation has made fabrication 30-40% more efficient with the use of Cobots, semiautomated welding heads and processes, allowing the company to minimize costs for their customers and break into big industrial markets. Optimization of the fabrication process has provided sustainably lower costs for our partners. We are excited to see how AI will be adopted in to our processes and shape our future.

While Rozen is known as the one-stop-shop for maintenance in Plants and Mines and of all sizes, the company is also experts in Tailings management and has constructed many barges, floating structures, and pipelines. We support all aspects of mining and hope to bring Dredging into our portfolio soon.

With its sustainable business model and streamlined costs, Rozen has adapted to fill market needs. “We listen to our partners and develop efficient products and services that help drive them forward,” says Jonathan Rozendaal, President of Rozen Steelworks.

Mission, Vision, and Values


Empowering industries through comprehensive service offerings, we are dedicated to being the premier Industrial fabricator for upstream to downstream companies, delivering enduring quality and value at every step.


Embrace innovation and set industry standards as the trusted leader in integrated Industrial construction solutions, enriching our clients projects with sustainable excellence.


  • Deliver Results: We focus on the key inputs for our business and deliver them with the right quality and in a timely fashion. Despite setbacks, we rise to the occasion and never settle. We work hard to earn and keep the client’s trust.

  • Respect: We uphold respect as the cornerstone of our professional environment. We believe in fostering a culture of mutual respect, where every employee is valued for their unique contributions, and diversity. Ensuring a workplace where everyone feels safe, heard, and empowered to succeed.

  • Extreme Ownership: Extreme ownership means we take full accountability for our work. We are honest with ourselves and others. We think long term and don’t sacrifice long-term value for short term results. We take responsibility for our performance and have a relentless drive to solve problems and improve.

  • Safety: Safety is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to creating a workplace where the well being and safety of our employees, customers, and partners are paramount.

  •  Teamwork: We are a team. A “Team” is not just people who work at the same place. A real team is a group of very different individuals who enjoy working together to help each other, and their organization achieve its goals and purpose.

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