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Rozen Steelworks Workflow Application is linked directly to the Rozen Steelworks enterprise resource planning (ERP) system which enables a client to track and record every detail to do with each project. Locate your project and the information in just seconds.

Application provides customers information during the entire job process (input, transformation, and output).

Access is provided based on your login credentials that include your work email, current purchase order number and assigned personal identification number (PIN).

A client will then be asked how they would like to be notified. Email notification and/or SMS Notifications (text message).

They can then select what they would like to receive notifications on. A client can fully customize what it is they want to be notified of for all jobs.

• Start & Finish Dates

• Inspection and Testing Plan (ITP) (Due/Issued/Received)

• Drawings (Due/Issued/Received)

• Request for information (RFI) (Due/Issued/Received)

• Fabrication progress as a percentage

• Delivery Date(s)

• Shipping Date(s)

• Payment (Due/Received)

As a client you will be able to see if any action is pending from your side to ensure smooth flow throughout the duration of the project. You will be able to see submittal dates for each kind of approval with expected return dates and any follow-up dates that occurred until approval for your records.

You will have visibility on your open jobs as well as your completed jobs.

Once the client order is processed, the application will show the new job within 2 hours and will be updated by Rozen as action happens during each business day.

The buyer for each job will automatically be added to the job. Should procurement want to add additional members from the business unit, it is one (1) simple step to add their email address and they will also be able to use the application and receive notifications as well.


Get an overview of all your jobs and apply one or multiple filters as needed. Choose to view by deadline, job state, or important dates. See start & finish dates plus 'percentage complete' for jobs and track milestones and get notifications to get an accurate picture of upcoming deadlines - all from one place.

• Stay on top of all your jobs

• Track time - avoid cost overruns.

• Gain efficiencies

• Plan ahead with job scheduling - so you can forecast your capacity better.

• Clever reporting - gain actionable intelligence to efficiently track tasks.

• Simplify teamwork - collaborate better

• Better business decisions.

• Transform your field service management experience into a cost-reducing process

• Never miss another deadline - Stay on top of important dates and receive notifications in advance.

screen shot of workflow tracking system
screen shot of workflow tracking system
screen shot of workflow tracking system
screen shot of workflow tracking system

Rozen Steelworks is always available to provide support to help set up the workflow application or walk through how it works once set up. We want to make sure, as the client, you are getting what you need out of the Workflow application to support your operations.

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