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What does Innovation mean to Rozen Steelworks?

It means we do things differently. We turn an idea into a solution that adds value. Here at Rozen we are creating more efficient processes that result in better productivity and performance. This drives value creation, to develop and implement new products, processes and services, with the aim of improving efficiency and competitive advantage. In short, we are at the forefront with the latest technology, staying relevant, and shaping the future for our customers.​

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence”-Vince Lombardi

We have a strong long-term strategy and a fierce commitment to exceptional execution. 

  • Strategy: Our promise to deliver value in all things we do for our clients, now and in the future. Making a difference to our partners through our products, services, and presence. 

  • Execution: A dedication to excellence across all products and services.

  • Quality and Innovation: Depend on having strategy and execution fit together seamlessly. Quality is nonnegotiable, let innovation and creativity shape our future.

Build on Strengths

The more knowledge we have about our own capabilities, the more opportunities we have to build on our strengths. We are always analyzing what we do best, gathering data about our practices, and conducting post-mortems. In every case, there is something to learn — about our operations, and about the choices we make and the value we deliver. Platform-based approach, which allows us to use and reuse the same designs for several different types of products - the benefits are immediate: lower costs, less technology risk, faster time-to-market, and better reliability.


In the physical world, ambidexterity is the ability to use both hands with equal skill and versatility. In business, it’s the ability to manage strategy and execution with equal competence. We can think about the technical and operational details of a project in-depth and then, without missing a beat, can consider its broader ramifications for the industry. Strategy through execution. 

Everyone’s Strategic Role

The people in our day-to-day operations are continually called upon to make decisions on behalf of the business. They are motivated to deliver the strategy, and so the strategy reaches the partners. In order to gain greater personal commitment, we strive to ensure employees understand why their jobs make a difference, and how their role fits within our team.

Digital Technology and AI

Embrace technology’s potential to transform our company: to create fundamentally new experiences and interactions for our customers, our employees, and every other constituent. Realize the potential in forming powerful new capabilities by combining business strategy, user experience, and technological prowess.

Keep It Simple, Sometimes

First, be as simple as possible. Second, let our company’s strategy be our guide in adding the right amount of complexity. Third, build the capabilities needed to effectively manage the complexity inherent in serving our markets and customers.

Shape Our Value Change

No company is an island. Every business relies on vendors within its network to help bring its products and services from one end of the value chain to the other. 

Since our partners are working with us on execution, they are actively involved in our strategy. 

Collective Company Culture

  • Strategy through execution is prevalent

  • Communication is fluid, open, and constant.

  • Execution specialists know not only what they’re supposed to do, but why it matters.

  • Everyone moves quickly and decisively because they have the ingrained judgment to know who to consult, and when. 

  • People trust one another to make decisions on behalf of the whole.

  • Empowering our people to make choices and take ownership of their work.

  • With this type of culture, people can focus on results.

  • Reach a higher level. 

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