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For over a decade, Rozen Steelworks has been at the forefront of tailings management, showcasing a legacy of excellence in this critical field. Our continuous evolution and improvement reflect the wealth of experience we have gained, the enhanced knowledge we have acquired, and our commitment to adopting the best practices for responsible tailings management.

Experience the expertise and dedication of Rozen Steelworks in tailings management and floating structures. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your operations and elevate your performance in the sustainable management of tailings.

Innovative Solutions for Tailings Management:

At Rozen Steelworks, we offer a comprehensive suite of tailings management solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each project. Our expertise extends to various aspects of tailings management, including pump barge fabrication and the development of floating structures that enhance operational efficiency and safety.


Specialized Floating Structures:

Our portfolio includes a range of floating structures designed to optimize tailings management processes. These structures encompass floating docking modules, winch modules, laydown modules, and floating walkways, all meticulously crafted to deliver superior performance and durability in challenging environments.


Diverse Pipeline Solutions:

Rozen Steelworks specializes in the fabrication of a wide range of pipelines crucial for effective tailings management. From floating pipelines to onshore carbon steel piping, high manganese, stainless steel, rubber-lined, and chrome carbide-lined pipes, we ensure the seamless transport of tailings with a focus on reliability and longevity.


Custom Equipment Fabrication:

Collaborating closely with mine operations, we provide expertise in fabricating specialized equipment tailored to specific requirements related to tailings management. Our team works diligently to design and manufacture innovative solutions that optimize efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance overall operational performance.


Trusted Partnership for Tailings Excellence:

By choosing Rozen Steelworks as your partner in tailings management, you gain access to a team dedicated to delivering superior quality, precision, and reliability in every project. We are committed to fostering long-term partnerships with our clients, ensuring that their tailings management needs are met with innovative solutions and exceptional service.

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Our module assembly yard incorporates up to date equipment and procedures to achieve the highest level of quality the industry demands:

  • Fabrication shop 70,000 Square feet on 20 Acres. 32-38ft hook height

  • 15 Acre Mod Yard

  • Pump Barge Fabrication

  • Floating Docking Modules

  • Floating walkways

  • Marinas

  • Materials Barge Fabrication

  • Pump Houses

  • Pipelines

  • Chrome Carbide lined pipe spools

  • Category A & H designed fittings

  • Floats

  • Coming soon…Dredge Fabrication

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