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Rozen Steelworks is a trusted partner for your significant construction and facility projects. Our comprehensive suite of services covers every phase of your project, from the initial concept through to the ongoing maintenance of your completed facility or plant.

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RSW is your clear choice for a full-service provider that can handle the complexities of significant projects, providing a seamless and integrated experience from start to finish. Trust in our proven track record, industry recognition, and a portfolio of satisfied clients to bring your project to life with the excellence it deserves.

We offer forward-thinking maintenance strategies, such as predictive maintenance, to anticipate and prevent potential system failures. As well as flexible maintenance agreements, designed to fit the unique requirements of each operation we support.

Inception and Design:

  • Proactive consultations and detailed feasibility analyses to ensure your project's success from the start.

  • Advanced project management tools and methodologies for meticulous planning and resource allocation.

  • Identifying and addressing potential risks early to keep your project on track and within scope.


Sourcing and Supply Chain Management:

  • A robust network of high-quality suppliers to deliver the best materials and labor at cost-effective rates.

  • Expert negotiations to achieve favorable terms, keeping your project financials under control.

  • Efficient procurement systems in place to ensure the on-time arrival of project necessities, avoiding costly delays.


Construction Execution:

  • A dedicated and experienced construction team known for completing projects to the highest standards, on schedule, and within budget.

  • A strong emphasis on safety, maintaining the highest standards to safeguard workers and the environment.

  • Adoption of advanced construction techniques, including sustainable building practices, to stay at the forefront of the industry.


Operational Transition:

  • Thorough commissioning processes to verify and ensure all systems and processes function according to the desired specifications.

  • Operational training programs for staff to ensure a smooth handover and efficient running of the facility from day one.

Ongoing Facility Support:

  • A suite of maintenance services tailored to keep your facility in peak condition, ensuring longevity and operational excellence.

Construction Services

  • Project Management Office: Project Controls, Planners, Schedulers and Estimators

  • Reporting/Cost Control

  • Construction and project Management

  • Mechanical: Pipe Fitters, CWB & B Pressure Welders and Ironworkers

  • Strategic Sourcing: Procurement, Expediting & Logistics and Materials Management

  • Regulatory Compliance as per provincial requirements

  • Fabrication and Modular construction

  • Facility Construction

  • Skilled Trades

  • Subcontractor management

  • 3D Scanning

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